Holiday Shopping for Your Gourmet Chef in Downtown Annapolis

By: Natalie Spong

If you have a gourmet on your holiday gift list, or someone who just likes to eat food with a gourmet twist, head to downtown Annapolis for a pleasurable and productive experience.

November 24, 2015

Select Annapolis Restaurants Serve Thanksgiving Feasts, From Traditional to Trendy

By: Mary Lou Baker

Holidays bring many tourists to Maryland’s capital city, as well as many “home-comers” who travel from far and wide to celebrate here with their family and friends. While most of the good times will take place around the dining room table, there are folks who depend on local restaurants to provide a traditional Thanksgiving feast. We are pleased to report on some prime local spots that are happy to serve you turkey and all the trimmings.

November 20, 2015

Bacon Brunch at a Bourbon Bar

By: Natalie Spong

Well, why not?
A few years ago when the bacon craze hit, I thought, “Well there’s a great idea!” Bacon absolutely can be incorporated into any food from soup to nuts….think jalapeños and bacon cream of crab soup or smoked bacon flavored almonds. Locally, there are several places that support bacon enthusiasts. Dry 85, on Main Street in Annapolis, known for its Bourbon and Craft Beer, caters to Bacon lovers through their Sunday Bacon Brunch.

November 05, 2015

Hometown Hints for Hungry Early Risers

By: Mary Lou Baker

“Ask the locals,” is the oft-given advice to folks from out of town looking for a good place to dine. But if you’re an early riser searching for a favorite breakfast spot, many of the locals (referred to here as Annapolitans) may still be asleep and, therefore, unavailable to offer their expert input. That’s where I come in. As a longtime Annapolis resident and restaurant reviewer, I am glad to be your “local”, sharing an insider’s perspective about where in our town you can find a phenomenal breakfast.

October 13, 2015

Chick & Ruth’s Delly Celebrates 50 Years of Serving up a Slice of Americana

By: Mary Lou Baker

If you ask Chick & Ruth’s Delly owner Ted Levitt the key to his restaurant’s success, he’ll tell you without hesitation: “Friendly service and good food. Keep it old-fashioned. Keep it original.” This philosophy has paid off over the years, so much so that Ted and his wife Beth will be celebrating the 50th anniversary […]

August 12, 2015

Where to Find True Blue Crab Cakes

By: Mary Lou Baker

Steve Vilnit, the seafood marketing genius at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, is an innovative cheerleader for the Maryland blue crab. Credit Vilnit for initiating the True Blue program, providing restaurants that use the native crustacean with logos to post on their windows. So, if you insist on crab cakes with the distinctive sweet taste and pleasing texture that distinguish the “beautiful swimmers” from their distant relations, “Go for the Blue”.

July 29, 2015

Dinner + Boat = Dinner by Boat

By: Foodie Annapolis

You have a hunger in your belly. You’re out with friends. You’re on a boat somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay. Everything is pointing to your next big adventure: Dinner by boat. Wondering where to dock and dine along the shores of the Chesapeake near Annapolis? There are plenty of great options if you’re lucky enough to be cruising here in the land of pleasant living.

July 28, 2015

Les Folies Brasserie Celebrates the Annapolis-French Connection

By: Mary Lou Baker

Annapolis has a special place in its civic heart for the French. Last month, city dignitaries and throngs of local residents turned out at City Dock to welcome the Hermione—an exact replica of the frigate that brought the Marquis de Lafayette from Rochefort, France to Boston in 1780. Several Annapolis families hosted the French visitors, treating them to dinner at Les Folies, the city’s premier French restaurant. The celebration of the Annapolis-France alliance continues this month with the wildly popular Bastille Day extravaganza at Les Folies Brassserie, to which the public is invited.

July 09, 2015

A Magical Bookstore on Maryland Avenue Welcomes Visitors to its Secret Garden and Café

By: Mary Lou Baker

Step into the special world of The Annapolis Bookstore, at 35 Maryland Avenue, where owners Mary E. Adams and Janice Holmes are eager to welcome old, young and in-between visitors. I bet my bank account you have never experienced such a rare encounter with a booklover’s wildest imaginings – if, that is, this vision includes thousands of used, new, and rare books as well as literary artifacts and greeting cards. Add to this the bookstore’s whimsically designed outdoor garden and cozy café and the picture is complete.

June 12, 2015

Coconut Joe’s Hawaiian Bar and Grill on the South River: A Slice of Vacation, Minutes from Annapolis

By: Natalie Spong

If it’s flip flops, blue skies, palm trees and the best Orange Crushes on the planet, then it must be summer and it can only be Coconut Joe’s. Yes, the winter was especially cold and spring arrived late, but scarcely 15 minutes into my first Orange Crush of the season, the sun sparkling on the South River at the Annapolis Area’s largest Tiki bar, and winter was so GONE

May 27, 2015