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Long-Awaited Album Release of Local Talent, Alexander Peters

My first listen to Alexander Peters’ new album Youth Belongs to the Young was on THE most frigid, wintery night of 2015 yet, but the sound fills the space with such warmth and light, I can’t help but feel like bike rides in the sun are just around the corner. This Friday, February 20th, supporters will pack into 49 West to share in the warmth and celebrate the album’s debut, where Peters will perform the new material live with a full band.

Alex Peters manages to write an album so irresistibly hopeful and up-tempo, it will definitely be my soundtrack for spring. Anyone can identify with Alex’s universal story-telling of facing life’s worries with a laugh, a dance, or a long drive when you’re not sure where you’re headed.

Throughout the album, Peters captures the essence and joy of a hard day’s work, followed by life’s simple pleasures with the one you love. Like many artists, he has the day job that helps pay the bills in addition to his numerous weekly late-night gigs around town, including 49 West’s Singer & Songwriter Showcase which he helps forefront every Monday night. His drive for music always keep him performing. But, in the album’s first single “American Dreamer”, he does delve into the idea of having to sometimes put your passions on hold without getting discouraged when life intervenes.

“Dig a hole where your heart can go,

put it in the ground and let the thing grow

cause you’re an American Dreamer.”

Peters is an old soul, as evidenced by the sense of nostalgia in his songs and his album cover, a family photo from his childhood home in Mayo. When Alex writes “Youth belongs to the Young”, he may not be, as one might expect, referring to himself. But at the ripe old age of 30, he has many shows under his belt and is happy to see acts continually sprout around town, hence his continued support of the Showcase.

Reminiscing about his start in the scene when his shows were mostly populated by supportive friends, he says of younger acts: “This is their moment.”

A play on the phrase “Youth is wasted on the young”, Youth Belongs to the Young urges us to live in the now and live life to the fullest, even if you may be on your second life, like Alex.

“I have this theory that I’ve had a previous life as a southerner, or farmer, or something, because all this comes out in my music about boots in the dirt and driving tractors and whatnot so it only makes sense.”

This past-life southerner comes through in the form of a unique twang in Alex’s vocals that deliver a lightheartedness to his lyrics.

“I like playing with words like ‘lil darlin’ and da-yancin’ and themes of old Westerns and country roads, I just think it’s fun,” he says.

The lyrics tend to come last in the process, however, as Peters starts as a melody maker with the words following in a malleable form. But when the words do take shape, he tries to alter his perspective to let his emotions serve as the basis for creative narratives: “When you’re writing a song, if you change ‘I’ and ‘me’ to a cowboy and his horse or a guy named Bob, it becomes more interesting and you can use those characters as an analogy for how you feel.”

Although he started writing for this album right after his first release, A Quarter of a Century, in 2010, he really dug into the recording process with Red Bridge Studios these past two years. In addition to a CD release, Youth Belongs to the Young will be available on vinyl for audiophiles out there who love to collect.

This event will be a wonderful spotlight on a staple of Annapolis’s music scene with the incredible new album available for purchase. Get a sneak peak of the new album here: https://soundcloud.com/alexander-peters-6/trucks-n-trains.

Alexander Peters Youth Belongs to the Young Album Release will be held at 49 West Coffeehouse, Winebar & Gallery at 7PM, $10. For Reservations call: 410-626-9796.

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