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Meet David Glaser, Veteran Annapolis Musician

My first memory of David Glaser was seeing him play at Charlie’s Westside, in West Annapolis, around 1980 – not merely a pub, tavern, taproom or bar, but “CHARLIE’S” (which closed in the early 80’s). He was the dreamy rocker; I was just another giddy fangirl on the dance floor.

Although we now have a myriad of mutual friends and memories, we really didn’t start to chat until three or four years ago – long after we had established our families and careers. It’s been a pleasure to get to know and learn about David, through his music, song narratives, and our great conversations. We share a great respect, admiration and love for Annapolis and its talented community of musicians. Here’s a little more about David, gleaned from a recent interview. His new album, Caffeine and Nicotine, is due out early in November 2016.

Where did you come from? What brought you to this point?

Well, for me, I started really young, started as a little kid, playing guitar. I began to play in first grade and wrote my first song for my 2nd grade teacher… I came from Baltimore – Northeast Baltimore. I moved here when I was a young man. My partner, John Van Dyke, and I got our first gig in Annapolis, in 1976, in what was called Papillon, later Mums, Ego Alley, and now Dock Street.

How would you describe Annapolis and its music scene to visitors; what should they not miss?

Annapolis is a beautiful place. I think those of us who live here sometimes take it for granted. Sometimes if I’m coming down Rt. 2 South, to pass the Naval Academy Overlook, it still takes my breath away…I just think to myself, God, this place is so beautiful. And there are lots of great places – the music scene is pretty outstanding. Annapolis is home to one of the finest small live music venues in America, in my opinion, Rams Head On Stage. I’ve played there many times.

What do you take from music? What does it give you?

Whoa, that’s kind of like asking, “What do you get from breathing?”

What is “the perfect gig?”  Where? Who would be there with you?

What we do as songwriters is we deliver songs. We give our songs like a present, wrapped up with a bow. Some audiences are ready to receive it, that some part of you. When the audience receives your gift and gives back to you,  you get this kind of circular love exchange going on—you’re  singing to the audience, they’re loving what you’re doing, and you’re feeling and coming back from them; it becomes this amazing feedback loop during the show.

In the future, what do you hope to be known or remembered for?

Well, of course, to be known as a songwriter – I would like to continue to write beautiful songs. My friend Bob Lucas said that all we ever try to do is just create one fine thing, and I think that is a great parameter… I would like to have one song that’s good enough to maybe be remembered after I’m gone…something to put in the time capsule and say “he was here…” and my daughter is my favorite legacy… I’m so very proud… I’d like to be remembered as a good Dad. I think in the overall music picture, I’d like to be remembered as somebody who really cared about music in general and about music as an art – and mentoring people, enabling people, and helping artists to deliver their art. It’s very important to me. I wish more people were more active in supporting the arts and letting people be their best creative selves…


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